First Touch Football Supplies

First Touch Football Supplies closure

Northern NSW Football has made the difficult decision to close First Touch Football Supplies from 30 September 2022.

Part of your team since 1998

First Touch has been a valuable, alternate revenue stream for football and reduced our reliance on player registration fees to fund operations. 
All profits have been reinvested back into the game, however this is no longer possible due to our changing operating environment. 

Changing operating environment

The recent past has been challenging for many small to medium businesses in terms of the rising cost of doing business. First Touch is not immune to these external shocks. Increased competition and declining profitability has made business viability unworkable.

Thank you to loyal supporters

To all First Touch customers, clubs, referees and staff over the last 20 years, thank you. Your long term support is highly appreciated and has made a tangible, positive impact on football in our region.

Call 02 4941 7277 or email  for existing orders and enquiries.


Frequently asked questions

Closure general

When is First Touch Football Supplies closing?

The last day of trading will be 30 September 2022.

Why is First Touch Football Supplies closing?
The combination of rising costs of doing business, increased competition and declining football community support made business viability unworkable.

Who made the decision to close First Touch Football Supplies?
Northern NSW Football’s Executive Team conducted a business review in 2022 to understand First Touch viability.
Review findings were presented to NNSWF’s Board of Directors in July 2022 and the decision was made to close operations.


Will any staff be made redundant?
No staff will be made redundant as First Touch Football Supplies operations have been shared by existing Northern NSW Football staff.

What does First Touch Football Supplies closure mean for the football community?
Existing customers and members of the football community will need to find alternative suppliers of equipment and apparel.

Will Northern NSW Football be impacted by the loss of First Touch Football Supplies profits?
First Touch Football Supplies profits have decreased over time and in recent years has delivered a modest or neutral profit.
First Touch Football Supplies’ closure and profits will have minimal impact on reducing Northern NSW Football’s operating expenses.

Options to consider

Summit Sport
Colin Grant – Territory Manager, NSW
M: 0411590369

Besteam Sport
Andrew Novaro – New Business & Marketing Manager

Goodbuddy Sports
T: (02) 09525 1895 
Mention “First Touch Football Supplies” when creating an order or making an enquiry.

Soccer Shirts International (Admiral)
Lawrence Whitty

Deploy Sports
Kurt Johnson
T: 1800 384 327


How will referees purchase NNSWF branded apparel and equipment?
Referees can continue to purchase apparel and equipment from the existing Referee Merchandise Store until 31 December 2022.
Northern NSW Football is working through how this service will be provided from 2023 and will communicate with you later in the year.

Business community

What does First Touch Football Supplies closure mean for current orders?
Current orders will be fulfilled within First Touch’s existing terms of service.

Can I place an order between now and 30 September?
Orders can be placed until 30 September. 


What consultation has occurred in the closure process?
Major customers, clubs, suppliers and staff have all been consulted through the closure process either in person or via phone call. These have been followed up with more details via email.

Who can I contact if I have questions or issues?
Contact Northern NSW Football (02) 4941 7277.