Football Community

We love to see and feel the energy of our vibrant football community when all of us come together to share our passion for football. 

Diversity and Inclusion 

There is no other game that unites the world in the same way that football does, and that’s why we believe it’s a game for everyone. We’re increasing the participation of Indigenous players with our focus on First Nations Football. We’re also helping refugee and immigrant families to settle in with our football community through specific programs. Importantly, we’re also looking to our community to look out for each other and create good environments for our mental health. 

Female Football

The growth in female football around our region is phenomenal. As we aim for the day to have 50/50 participation rates for men and women, we continue to promote and drive additional interest. Female Football Week is a great opportunity for players to bring their female friends and introduce them to the game.

Building on the Legacy 

The world is coming together soon to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Australia and New Zealand. We want to make sure that we build on the legacy this great sporting event will have for female football in our region. This includes opportunities for clubs to access scholarships and infrastructure funding.