All-Female C Licence Scholarship participant Emily Knott shares her coaching story

We spoke to Emily Knott, who is one of our All-Female C Licence Scholarship participants. She is coaching North Coast Football’s 10’s SAP.  

NNSWF Legacy Development Officer Helen Moseley: How long have you been coaching for? 
NCF 10’s SAP Coach Emily Knott: Two months. 

H.M: What is the reason you started coaching? 
E.K: I grew up in the Coffs Coast area and trained through the SAP Programs for as long as I could. Now that I can coach SAP teams, it is a chance to give back to the community that supported me and given me so much in my football career. 

H.M: Which all-female coaching course did you attend on a Women in Football Scholarship? 
E.K: All-Female C Licence in Coffs Harbour.  

H.M: Had you considered attending an advanced coaching course prior to the scholarship? 
E.K: No I had not. 

H.M: Why hadn’t you thought about doing so? 
E.K: One reason that I hadn’t considered attending an advanced coaching course is that I was only at the start of my coaching career, and I had not thought about attaining any licences before. Another reason is that coaching courses can be quite expensive without a scholarship.  

H.M: What does it mean to you to have this opportunity? 
E.K: This opportunity gives me a way of learning and acquiring skills and techniques in order for me to help other players in this sport. 

H.M: How do you think your development will impact your team and your club? 
E.K: I believe I will have gained some valuable experience that will allow me to better support and teach players, while also ensuring their development and enjoyment in football. I believe that as I get better as a coach, so will my team and my club. 

H.M: Where do you see coach education fitting in the community setting? 
E.K: I think coach education can only improve football participation and progression in community football. 

H.M: How are your finding the progression of your coaching journey? 
E.K: My coaching journey has been short, so I think this course is giving me a lot of positive progressions very early on and allows me to provide quality sessions for my players to develop in the sport and help my coaching develop.  

H.M: Over the next 5 years, how do you intend to continue your development, and where do you expect to be as a coach? 
E.M: I am not quite sure where I would like to be head coach at, however, over the next few years I am more than happy to assist wherever needed to provide coaching for players in football.