NNSWF invites clubs to apply for 2024 Certificate of Currency

Northern NSW Football has invited clubs to apply for their 2024 Certificate of Currency.  

The Certificate of Currency is the formal document supplied by NNSWF confirming a club and its registered members are covered by the relevant insurances.  

The certificate may also be a requirement for hiring facilities through the club’s local council.  

To receive the 2024 Certificate of Currency, clubs will be required to:  

  • Be compliant with the NSW Working with Children Check legislation. The information supplied within the online declaration will be confirmed by NNSWF with the Office of Children’s Guardian before the 2024 Certificate of Currency is issued. A copy of the NNSWF’s Working with Children’s Check Club Policy can be found HERE.  

  • Supply details of the club’s Member Protection Information Officer (MPIO) including name, contact email and phone number. The role of the MPIO has been developed by the NSW Office of Sport and has been compulsory for all NNSWF clubs since 2017, as outlined in NNSWF’s Working with Children’s Check Club Policy. Clubs are required to nominate an MPIO to claim their 2024 Certificate of Currency. The MPIO should be a suitably trained person or someone willing to undergo the relevant training. More information about the MPIO role can be found on the Sports Integrity Australia website. Online workshops are also advertised through the NSW Office of Sport. Click HERE for more information.  

  • Declare a commitment to register all playing and non-playing participants in Football Australia’s online registration system PlayFootball for the period 31st OCT 2023 to 31st Oct 2024. This includes players, coaches, managers, committee members and volunteers. The registration of non-playing club members is a requirement of Football Australia and allows all registered participants to access the suite of insurances provided by NNSWF. 

Clubs that complete the online form and satisfy all components of the declaration will be issued with their Certificate of Currency when it is made available to NNSWF, likely to be in late October.