NNSWF supports FA’s Game Changer launch

Northern NSW Football has thrown its support behind Game Changer, Football Australia’s new program to support community football clubs across the country to create an effective and sustainable environment.

Game Changer, which has replaced the National Club Development Program, was unveiled last month as part of FA’s Legacy ’23 program. Its aim is to:

  • Protect and enhance affiliated clubs
  • Make clubs stronger and more resilient
  • Lead clubs in building welcoming and inclusive cultures
  • Educate clubs on positive environments for players, coaches, volunteers and officials
  • Help clubs plan for long term viability and success

NNSWF Club Development Officer Phillip Andrews said clubs played a vital role within their community, with the Game Changer program to help clubs thrive on and off the pitch while creating a welcoming environment for participants.

“Community football clubs and the communities they harness are the lifeblood of our game and without their passion and commitment football would not be the number one team participation sport in northern NSW and Australia,” Andrews said.

“Supporting the health, sustainability and standards of our community football clubs is a priority for Football Australia and Northern NSW Football, which is why the development of the Game Changer program is such a positive.”

FA CEO James Johnson said support for community clubs was vital.

“The Game Changer program is a Football Australia Legacy ’23 initiative and has been designed to not only support community football clubs to be the very best they can but, through the star rating system, provide current and future participants with invaluable insight into how each club is run,” Johnson said.

“A vibrant community football scene underpins the success of the Australian football ecosystem and we believe the Game Changer program will help foster the next generation of elite footballers, coaches, officials and administrators.”

What is Game Changer?

Game Changer is made up of a series of tasks and modules, including modules through Game Plan (ASC’s free online platform), which relate to themes of lead, empower, support and celebrate. Game Changer covers topics such as:

  • Women & Girls in Football
  • Diversity
  • Equity & Inclusion
  • Safeguarding
  • Finance
  • Governance
  • Workforce
  • Participation
  • Diversified Partnerships
  • Infrastructure
  • Stakeholder Alignment
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Values and Behaviours
  • Research & Insights
  • Technology & Digital
  • Strategy, Roles and Responsibilities

Access the resource list HERE

As clubs complete tasks and modules they will obtain a Game Changer star status, starting at one and, upon completion of all tasks and modules, clubs can graduate to a three-star status.

Clubs can access recognition and rewards in the shape of funding, training courses, special appearances, experiences, discounts, unique football opportunities and more upon progressing through the star rankings.

Access an overview of the star ranking system HERE

Visit the Northern NSW Football Game Changer website HERE

Visit the Football Australia Game Changer website HERE