NNSWF unveils new strategic plan for 2024 to 2026

Northern NSW Football has unveiled its 2024 to 2026 Strategic Plan which focuses on collaboration and a shared vision for football in the region.

NNSWF announced the appointment of Gemba in August to lead the development of its next strategic plan.

Gemba and NNSWF collaborated with stakeholders across the member federation over the last five months to develop the plan aimed at nurturing football’s growth and sustainability in the community.

NNSWF and Gemba consulted with member zones, clubs, volunteers and staff to create the plan, with feedback taken on board to provide an exciting roadmap for football in northern NSW over the next three years.

NNSWF chairman Mike Parsons said the strategic plan reflected the organisation's commitment to embracing its core values.

"These values, which include integrity, inclusivity, transparency, respect, innovation and ambition, are the bedrock of our approach and will guide our actions and decisions moving forward," Parsons said.

"The role of our board of directors has been pivotal in this journey. We have worked closely with our member zones, clubs and other stakeholders to understand their needs, aspirations and the challenge they face.

"This collaborative approach has been instrumental in shaping a strategy that is not only ambitious but also grounded in the realities of our football community."

NNSWF CEO Peter Haynes said he was excited to start delivering the plan.

"The plan revolves around four core pillars - Enjoyable Football Experience, Talent Development for All, Champions in Excellence and Showcase Our Game, with each aligning to our mission to create an inclusive and thriving football community," Haynes said.

"This is not just a strategic plan for Northern NSW Football but more a strategic plan for football in northern NSW. It's not just about our organisation. We are dedicated to supporting our member zones and clubs to enhance facilities and ensure football remains a positive, respectful experience for everyone. 

"This plan is a pledge from us to our players, coaches, volunteers, match officials, spectators and all who love the game that, together, we will work tirelessly to ensure football in northern NSW is not just a sport but a source of community, pride, unity and inspiration.

"We want football to reach its potential in our region and I look forward to embarking on this exciting journey alongside our football community."

Read NNSWF's 2024 to 2026 Strategic Plan HERE