Northern NSW Football engages Gemba to develop next strategic plan

Northern NSW Football has appointed Gemba to lead the development of its next strategic plan to guide football’s growth in the region.

Gemba, the global sports and entertainment consultancy, will develop the plan which will be aimed at revolutionising the landscape of football in the northern NSW region. The collaboration will see Gemba deliver an innovative strategic plan to propel football to new heights, nurturing its growth and sustainability in the community.

With the FIFA Women's World Cup 2023TM captivating audiences worldwide, the collaboration between Northern NSW Football and Gemba represents a timely opportunity to build on the existing foundations of football in the region. By harnessing the enthusiasm and excitement surrounding the event, the next strategic plan will seek to create a lasting legacy, inspiring generations of players and fans alike.

With its extensive strategy experience in sport, Northern NSW Football chose Gemba to leverage its expertise and experience to craft a comprehensive strategic plan. An effective strategic plan will lay the foundation for continued growth and development opportunities for football enthusiasts and players throughout the northern NSW region and serve as a roadmap to guide the football community in the region. The plan will outline clear and measurable objectives, ensuring that every initiative aligns with Northern NSW Football's long-term vision and values.

As Northern NSW Football and Gemba work hand in hand to develop the strategic plan, they remain committed to engaging stakeholders and consulting with key community members, ensuring a collective and comprehensive approach to football's future.

While specific focus areas of the strategic plan are yet to be finalised, Northern NSW Football and Gemba share a vision of building upon the existing strengths of football in the region. By leveraging the passion and dedication that already exists, the strategic plan will harness this momentum to create sustainable pathways for growth and excellence.

The collaboration between Northern NSW Football and Gemba will explore innovative solutions that drive inclusivity, engage communities and provide platforms for nurturing young talents. With a strong emphasis on continuous improvement and best practices, the strategic plan aims to elevate football experiences and inspire a new generation of players and fans.

Northern NSW Football CEO Peter Haynes said he was excited about the partnership.

"We believe that Gemba's unrivalled expertise and innovative approach align perfectly with our vision for football in the region,” Haynes said.

“This strategic plan will be instrumental in unlocking football's true potential and shaping its future for generations to come."

Gemba Head of Strategy, Data & Analytics Mark Zucco was also enthusiastic for the collaboration. 

"We are honored to partner with Northern NSW Football on this transformative journey,” Zucco said.

“Together, we will work to redefine the football landscape in the northern NSW region, creating an enduring legacy for the sport and its passionate community."

About Northern NSW Football: Northern NSW Football is the governing body responsible for the administration, promotion and development of football across the northern NSW region. Committed to fostering football excellence, Northern NSW Football aims to inspire participation and community engagement, catering to players of all ages and skill levels.

About Gemba: Gemba provides strategy, insights, data analytics and communication services to the sport and entertainment industry across government, rights holders (NSOs, SSOs and clubs), stadiums and brands. Gemba has offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and London and counts some of the biggest names in sport as its clients including FIFA, ICC, Formula 1, World Rugby, AFL, NRL, Cricket Australia, Tennis Australia, Football Australia, MCC, Toyota, Coca Cola, McDonald’s, Westpac and adidas.

Gemba is part of the Tenka Group, a group of companies and a team of passionate professionals focussed on igniting new opportunities within the sport and entertainment industry.