Pre-season survey results are in

The results are in following Northern NSW Football’s quarter one survey. 

NNSWF aims to provide great participation experiences across the region and conducted the survey in March to get a better understanding of the opinions and needs of its football community.  

"We want to hear about your football experience. The good bits, where to improve and your ideas for the future," NNSWF CEO Peter Haynes said.  

"That's why we changed the way we ask for your opinions by introducing shorter quarterly surveys."  

The survey received 859 responses, with most respondents being junior parents and 75 per cent male. Almost half of the respondents were parents, while 45 per cent were players. The average number of years in the football community was 12.  

The survey results showed that the football experience rating was 52 per cent, with the top three issues being the cost of football, talented player pathways and positive mental health. While respondents were satisfied with their clubs with a satisfaction rate of 68 per cent, NNSWF and Member Zones had a 53 per cent satisfaction rate.  

The survey comments provided valuable insights on how NNSWF can improve the youth football experience. Suggestions included reducing fees, improving communication and support and building a stronger grassroots system.   

Respondents also called for better engagement with junior members and clearer pathways for development.  

NNSWF is taking these insights seriously and is committed to making improvements that will benefit the wider football community.   

These include: 

  • Opportunities for women and girls  

  • The resourcing and delivery of community football  

  • Implementing a member federation-wide Mental Health Round 

  • Review of the talented player pathways   

  • Affordable participation  

  • Better support for clubs and volunteers  

  • Recruitment and development of match officials and coaches 

NNSWF is committed to seeking feedback and will continue to send quarterly surveys to measure your football experience.   

While there is room for improvement, NNSWF remains dedicated to providing the best possible experience for our football community.