NNSWF announces partnership with World Sport Action as competition management services provider

Northern NSW Football is pleased to announce a partnership with World Sport Action to be its competition management software solutions provider.

World Sport Action’s online competition management solution, Squadi, is available online and through Google Play and the App Store.

Squadi is an improved system that streamlines the many facets of NNSWF’s operational functions into one fully integrated competition management system. This system removes unnecessary duplication of effort for clubs, volunteers, referees and participants.

When will Squadi launch?
Squadi has already undergone a soft launch, with match results available now. The full launch will occur for matches on the weekend of 21 to 23 April.

Who will use Squadi?
Squadi will be used by team managers and match officials across NNSWF’s premier competitions including NPL Men’s NNSW, NPL Women’s NNSW, HIT106.9 Northern League One, Premier Youth League and Junior Development League.

What will Squadi provide?

  • Quicker access to match results
  • Faster and more complete match statistics
  • Online digital team sheets with full match information
  • Reduced burden on club volunteers
  • Easier pre and post-match duties for match officials

Training and Resources

  • Squadi Hub. NNSWF has created a Squadi Hub to help prepare team managers and referees ahead of the 21 to 23 April launch full of how to guides and training videos.
  • Education sessions. NNSWF will also provide education sessions for match officials and team managers on how to use Squadi, with details available on the Squadi Hub.
  • Squadi Hotline. NNSWF will launch a Squadi Hotline to assist team managers and match officials over the launch weekend from 21 to 23 April.
  • One-on-one help. NNSWF Football Operations staff will contact all key club contacts this week to help ensure correct log ins and set up.

NNSWF General Manager Football Operations Liam Bentley said the partnership with WSA had a number of benefits.

“It is a really positive move in that we’re modernising the way do things,” Bentley said.

“I understand it is a significant change from what we’ve done previously. So we have provided plenty of support for those who will be using the system through resources on the Squadi Hub and education sessions because we want our volunteers and match officials to feel comfortable and confident.

“By NNSWF using Squadi for our premier competitions we are going to see a substantial burden removed from volunteers and match officials. Team managers and referees will be able to perform their pre and post-match duties from their phones which is so much more agile, flexible and easy.

“Squadi is so simple and easy to use for volunteers and match officials which is great. But it will also provide quick, correct information and statistics which is what people expect from modern football competitions.”

Community Football

There will be no change to community football competition management systems across northern NSW at this time. Squadi will only be used by team managers and match officials across NNSWF’s premier competitions. This means community football players, clubs, volunteers and match officials will be unaffected by these changes.

Team managers and match officials can register for a Squadi education system HERE

Visit the Squad Hub HERE