Volunteers are the beating heart of football clubs.  

Without the 7,000+ legends who manage our clubs, coach our teams, run game days, mark the lines and cook the snags, our game wouldn’t be possible. 

Why volunteer?  

  • Volunteering is linked to positive mental health, builds a sense of connectedness, and provides a sense of purpose  

  • Clubs with a strong volunteering program perform better on and off the field 

  • Volunteering at your club is social and fun 

  •  It provides experience and opportunities that can help with studying and career 

Type of volunteering roles: 

  • Coach​/Manager 

  • Committee member​ 

  • Canteen/bar duties​ 

  • General game day support​ 

  • Administration​ 

  • Marketing/photography/social media​ 

  • Fundraising 

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