Cost of Football

Cost of Football

Northern NSW Football is respectful of the financial contribution of players. The aim of the following information is to increase transparency, better inform clubs, players and other stakeholders and to provide the facts about registration fees and insurance.

NNSWF’s responsibilities extend to monitoring the fees imposed by member zones and clubs to ensure fees are set in accordance with the relevant regulations and our great game remains affordable for families. NNSWF acknowledges the significant time club volunteers dedicate to fundraising activities to keep their fees as low as possible. NNSWF is committed to maintaining the Member Federation’s component of the overall fee as low as possible while ensuring we have the capacity to support our stakeholders.

What is a Player Registration Fee and why are they necessary?

A Player Registration Fee is collected from players at the time of registering for a sanctioned football activity. The fee is then dispersed to the various organisations who are responsible for growing, developing, promoting and delivering football.

Who determines the Player Registration Fee?

Player Registration Fees consist of five components.

  • The National Registration Fee (NRF) charged by Football Australia (FA)
  • Member Federation Levy charged by Northern NSW Football (NNSWF)
  • NNSWF Facilities Fund contribution
  • Member Zone Levy charged by the zone that administers local competitions and MiniRoos
  • Club Fee imposed by the player’s club.

The various football bodies largely have the autonomy to determine their component of the total Player Registration Fee.

The below graphic illustrates the breakdown of registration fees into their specific components and shows exactly where your registration fee goes.

Governing Body Fees Infographic


Why do club fees vary?

Clubs determine the fees imposed on their players. Clubs are run independently and incur different costs which must be absorbed. The National Registration Status and Transfer Regulations (NRR’s) allow clubs to charge a reasonable fee provided it discloses all fees, levies and charges in the National Online Registration System and reflects actual expenses related to a player’s participation in a competition. NNSWF primarily relies on clubs to satisfy the local Member Zone that the fee is reasonable. Please contact your club if you have any questions about how the club fee is determined and inclusions.

What do Football Australia do with the money collected from the National Registration Fee?

Football Australia, as Australia’s FIFA member, is responsible for the organisation, promotion and administration of football throughout Australia. Accordingly, it has jurisdiction over all matches and competitions within Australia. FA employs professionals who lead the growth, development and promotion of the game nationally and internationally. The NRF supports the participation of the Socceroos, Matildas and other national teams on the world stage. FA also leads player recruitment, coach and referee development, club development, player development, Sporting Schools, inclusion and diversity nationally. Further information about Football Australia and its role and responsibilities is available here.

What does NNSWF do with the money collected from players?

NNSWF as a member of FA, is responsible for the organisation, promotion and administration of football throughout our region and has jurisdiction to stage or sanction competitions or matches within its own boundaries. A comprehensive overview of the programs, services and competitions implemented by NNSWF is available on our website. The Member Federation’s component of the Player Registration Fee also funds the comprehensive suite of insurances which manage risk and protect the game’s stakeholders from litigation. Approximately 25 per cent of the money collected from players is used to pay a myriad of essential insurance premiums. Further questions about NNSWF’s Insurance Program are addressed below.

The below graphic illustrates what your Member Federation Levy charged by NNSWF is spent on and how it helps to grow football across northern NSW.

Member Federation Registration Fees


How much money does NNSWF generate from the levy imposed on community players?

NNSWF generates approximately $2.4m from the levy paid by community players. The levy accounts for approximately 35 per cent of the Member Federation’s total annual revenue. More detail is available on page 27 of NNSWF’s Services Guide for Stakeholders including where the money collected from community players is invested across community football.

I have more questions. How can I get answers?

Check out our Frequently Asked Questions regarding the cost of football and Player Registration Fees. This includes a comprehensive section on insurance.

If you want to give feedback, send an email to

If you want to speak to a member of the Northern NSW Football team, send an email to with your contact details and we will get in touch.

Check out the Future of Football page for more information on the review of governance and administration structures in northern NSW.