Talented Players

Talented Players

We proudly support the potential of young girls and boys that want to develop their passion and talent for the game and turn it into a profession. 

Take a look at the development pathways from Football Australia and learn how we develop talented players here in northern NSW, offering them pathways through to national teams. 

Our talented player development pathway program in northern NSW has helped to develop the careers of some incredible football players including Angus Thurgate and Emily Van Egmond. 

Talented players have lots of opportunities to shine across the Junior Development League, Premier Youth League, National Premier Leagues, National Youth Championships and National Training Centre. Outside of these we also have our International Tours which give players valuable international playing experience. 

Development cycles usually align with a player’s biological maturation. To ensure players maintain a level of technical and tactical efficiency and isn't hindered by their physical attributes we offer eligible players the opportunity to be tested for the potential to play in a lower age group. Biological maturation testing allows players to develop their skills on a level playing field.