NNSWF Strategy

NNSWF Strategy

We have a strategic vision for football in northern NSW.

We’re on track to see football become the largest and most popular sport throughout northern NSW.

We aim to achieve this by sustainably developing, growing and promoting football in collaboration with our members and clubs in ways that benefit our communities. We’ll do this through effective governance and focusing on the needs and expectations of our stakeholders. 

Across our organisation and communities, we share these common values as we bring this vision for football in northern NSW to life. 

United. We stand together for football and accept our differences as well as the ‘ref’s’ call. 

Transparent. We communicate openly to build trust and an acceptance of change. 

Collaborative. We acknowledge our strengths and work together.

Respectful. We respect each other’s different opinions.

Best Practice. We adopt a continuous improvement mindset.

Accountable. We do whatever we say we are going to do.

Our strategic focus for football in northern NSW is around striving for better experiences for all participants, leading through change with a shared purpose, nurturing talent and producing professional players.

In northern NSW, this strategy aligns closely with the national framework from Football Australia and includes considerations for playing during and beyond the Covid pandemic, as well as incorporating the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 to ensure it delivers a lasting legacy in our region. 

In 2020, Football Australia developed a strategic framework for the world game in Australia. This framework and its 11 key principles bring a stronger focus on communities, celebrate diversity and inclusion, and maximise and modernise the opportunities for football talent, teams and operations. 

You can access the latest information about the framework at Football Australia, or you can download an overview of the Football Australia XI Principles.

In 2023 we aim to have more than 70,000 registered football players (35 per cent female), 6,000 coaches and 1,200 referees in northern NSW.

You can explore our latest Strategic Plan and Operational Plan to understand our priorities and allocation of resources within this planning cycle. 

Strategic Plan 2021-2023

Operational Plan