Club Changer

Club Changer

Club Changer is Football Australia’s Club Development Program which aims to protect and enhance our clubs, make them stronger and more resilient, lead them in building welcoming and inclusive cultures, and educate them on positive environments for players, coaches, volunteers, and officials while planning for long term viability and success. Club Changer is making a difference within Northern NSW Football clubs. 

The priority focus of Club Changer in northern NSW remains firmly on increasing female participation through the increased interest in the community created by the 2023 FIFA Women's World Cup and the ongoing success of the Matildas ahead of the 2024 Olympic Games.

Club Changer accredited clubs are leading the charge with unprecedented connection to programs and services targeting female participation. Summer Football, MiniTillies kick off programs, Kick-on for Women and Female Leadership programs are providing the opportunities for clubs to invest in their club's future.

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Club Changer Summary
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Football Australia Game Plan Objectives

Be Part of the Change

Club Changer Process

Recognition and Rewards

As clubs progress through the criteria, they will be awarded 1, 2, or 3 stars. For each star award, benefits and incentives will be unlocked for the club to utilise and further progress their capacity and capability.

Click on the badges below to see how to progress from one level to another: 

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Club Changer 2 star
Club Changer 3 Star
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Clubs are encouraged to complete the modules in accordance with the reward and recognition framework.

Click on every module to see a list of the available resources clubs have when joining the program.


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