Creating Inclusive and Safer Spaces

Creating Inclusive and Safer Spaces

We believe in creating inclusive and safer spaces so that everyone can play and enjoy football. We have several resources to help all of us in the football community come together respectfully.

Dealing with bullying and harassment

Kids Helpline provides online resources to help parents and kids if they or their friends are being bullied. Remember, bullying can happen at any age and it is never okay.

You can download the Football Australia Anti-bullying and harassment policy to learn about our shared policy, as well as other ways we protect members. 

As a football community, we encourage all our members, players and supporters to report poor behaviour including; undue pressure, abuse, taunting or sledging, poor sportsmanship, foul language, harassment, bullying and victimisation. Learn more about what to do if you wish to report poor behaviour. 

Club Respect is a grassroots organisation that provides online resources to help sporting clubs build a culture of respect. 

For more information on managing poor behaviour click here.