More football thanks to additional NNSWF cup competitions

Northern NSW Football has provided more competitive football for its players with the addition of extra cup competitions this season.

NNSWF has introduced two new pieces of silverware for senior men’s football with the NNSWF Men’s State Cup and Community Plate to debut this year.

NNSWF has also introduced a Women’s League Cup in addition to its Women’s State Cup and Community Plate.

NNSWF Men’s State Cup

NNSWF’s national Australia Cup representatives will not only enjoy the prestige of playing on the national state but will also meet each other in the new NNSWF Men’s State Cup final.

NNSWF Men’s Community Plate

Alongside the NNSWF Men’s State Cup, the Men’s Community Plate has been introduced to provide the highest-placed community teams with the opportunity to be crowned the best community team in northern NSW.

The best two teams from outside the NPL Men’s NNSW and HIT106.9 Northern League One competitions who progress furthest in the Australia Cup will be invited to compete in the NNSWF Men’s Community Plate final.

Should more than two community teams progress to the same highest round, the results in their final Australia Cup match will determine which teams qualify.

The intention is to play the NNSWF Men’s State Cup final and the Men’s Community Plate final as a double header on the weekend of 29-30 July.

NNSWF Women’s League Cup

The competition will offer more football for NPL Women’s NNSW first grade clubs and another chance to win a trophy.

The eight NPLW NNSW clubs will be drawn against each other in the quarter finals to be played on the Easter long weekend, with the semi-finals to follow midweek between 15 and 19 May. The final will be played on the weekend of 5-6 August during the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023.

The NNSWF Women’s State Cup and Community Plate for premier and community clubs will remain unchanged. It will be played on the weekend of 7-9 July.

More football

NNSWF General Manager Football Operations Liam Bentley said the additional cup competitions were about giving players more opportunities to play more competitive football.

“If you ask footballers what is the absolute best part of football, I think most would say the enjoyment and excitement of winning something, whether that be a trophy or competition, with their mates,” Bentley said.

“We want to provide more competitive football for our premier players and give them a chance to celebrate winning more competitions and tournaments with their teammates and for their clubs.

“The NNSWF Men’s State Cup will be a great cup final and a worthy opportunity for our two national Australia Cup representatives.

“The NNSWF Men’s Community Plate is a great reward for our community clubs who enter the Australia Cup every year. It gives them a chance to play off for a trophy and earn the recognition as our best men’s community club.

“And the NNSWF Women’s League Cup will compliment the NNSWF Women’s State Cup and Community Plate. While the Women’s State Cup will remain unchanged with premier and community clubs able to compete against each other, the Women’s League Cup will provide our premier clubs another opportunity to play competitive football and win something.

“With the FIFA Women’s World Cup 2023 to be played at home this year, it’s important that we continue to offer our best female players more opportunities.”

NNSWF has also introduced a Pre-Season Cup for its new Premier Youth League competitions this season, while a PYL Summer Series is scheduled for October and November.