NNSWF hosts 2023 Champion of Champions Referee Development Camp

Northern NSW Football held a Referees Development Camp at the 2023 Champion of Champions tournament last week in Coffs Harbour. 

24 referees participated in the week-long camp with the aim of building and developing their skills as match officials. 

During each day of the competition, assessments were carried out by the referee coaches evaluating the performance of each match official. In the evening, the referees were given coaching presentations. 

Presentations were given on the following topics:

  • Improving teamwork and communication as match officials

  • Optimal angles, movement, and positioning

  • The difference between DOGSO (denying a goal or an obvious goal scoring opportunity) and SPA (stopping a promising attack)

  • Judging the differences between careless fouls, reckless fouls and fouls involving the use of excessive force

  • Advantage vs possession

  • Ceremonial or formal free kick procedures

  • Laws of the Game examinations 

  • Confidence, body language and signals

  • Furthering skills as assistant referees and fourth officials

NNSWF Referee Manager Brad Carlin was thrilled with the success of the camp. 

“Over the six-day tournament, each participating referee strived to be better match officials, with their performances on the park improving each day. This confirmed each referee responded to the coaching and support they were given,” Carlin said. 

“I am very proud of the way in which each of the 24 referees were willing to listen, learn and take advice on board. 

“Congratulations to other referee coaches Riley Kirkaldy, Ray Ashbourne, Luke Mackney, Jason Hillier and Support Officer Helen Mosely for their hard work throughout the tournament. 

“Thank you to all zones and branches for their ongoing support of the referee development camps.” 

The top performing referees during the tournament were awarded the appointment to referee the grand final matches.  

Girls’ Grand Finals 
Under 12 – Izzie Walshe (NNSWF)
Under 13 – Tess Brumfield (Macquarie Football)
Under 14 – Nick Hook (NNSWF – Northern Inland)
Under 15 – Jin McKay (Macquarie Football)
Under 16 – Liam Griffiths (NNSWF – Northern Inland) 

Boys’ Grand Finals 
Under 12 – Luc Bates (Hunter Valley Football and NNSWF)
Under 13 – Noah Sneddon (Football Mid North Coast)
Under 14 – Lucas Walshe (NNSWF)
Under 15 – Logan Elliott (NNSWF)
Under 16 – Lincoln Black (Macquarie Football and NNSWF) 

Most Improved Referee of the Tournament: 
Female Referee: Mya Weiley – Football Mid North Coast 
Male Referee: Max Morrison (Macquarie Football & NNSWF)