Showering in NSW Football Legacy Fund Success: Byron Bay Football Club’s new female friendly facilities

Byron Bay Recreational Oval, home to Byron Bay Football Club, will be upgraded as a result of the near $90,000 grant that was awarded by the NSW Government’s Football Legacy Fund.

Byron Bay FC is pushing ahead with plans to renovate its fields in order to attract more female participants in light of the upcoming FIFA Women's World Cup.

“We’re thrilled to have been given the opportunity to upgrade the facilities for our Byron Bay FC members. Currently, we have nowhere for our members to safely gather, socialise or provide opportunities to host events for the community. 

“Upon completion of this project, Byron Bay Recreational Oval will be able to offer a safe, accessible  and inclusive facility, for all our members especially for females,” says John McKay, Infrastructure Sub Committee Chairperson, Byron Bay FC.

The club will be using the grant to upgrade the Byron Bay FC clubhouse and amenities that will provide a modern fit-for-purpose sports facility for junior, youth, men's, and women’s sports. By providing amenities with improved accessibility, it aims to remove accessibility barriers so that all may participate, regardless of age and ability.

“We’re aiming to raise the facility to Football Australia-compliant standards for use as an accredited Football Australia training and live-viewing facility for the FIFA Women’s World Cup this year, in turn promoting and increasing female participation in football,” continues McKay. 

The NSW Football Legacy Fund is supported by the NSW Government under the NSW Football Legacy Program.

About the Legacy Fund Participation and Infrastructure Grants 

The NSW government recently announced a $3.1 million investment into more than 100 grassroots football projects across the state to help improve facilities and run programs to boost player participation as part of the NSW Football Legacy Fund. 

The investment is intended to broaden female player options and increase participation opportunities while enhancing football facilities and supporting infrastructure. This fund also aims to assist clubs in developing football programs at all levels through the construction or upgrading of community facilities, leadership and development initiatives. 

As Australia prepares to host the FIFA Women’s World Cup in 2023, strengthening the football community in NSW is key to matching the unprecedented level of interest in female football. The NSW Football Legacy Fund seeks to ensure it has the facilities and programming to match the buzz that the FIFA World Cup is generating for Australia’s next generation of future Matildas. 

More information about the NSW Football Legacy Fund is available here

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