Squadi FAQs

I have Squadi questions or need help

We understand change can be challenging and want to make sure everyone has support during the transition. 
If you have any questions or issues, please do not hesitate to contact us:

What is the rollout timetable?

Northern NSW Football is facilitating club and referee Q&A sessions from Tuesday 18 April. These sessions will be conducted online via Zoom and run by the NNSWF Football Operations and Referee teams with World Action Sport also in attendance for further assistance. 

Squadi will implemented in full capacity from the weekend of 21 April 2023. 

I can't log-in - I am an administrator

If you haven’t logged in before:

Your organisation should have added you as an administrator and you will receive an email with your password details and a link to the platform. If you have not received the password check your bin, spam or promotions folder. If it is still not there then ask the administrator to check the spelling of your email address.

You will need to have downloaded an authenticator App like Google Authenticator. You just need to click the + symbol and hover over the Authentication barcode and it will bring up a code for you to enter into the platform. This ensures all records have two levels of security surrounding the.

If you cannot see the barcode and cannot log in:

You may need to have your two Factor Authentication reset. Any of the other administrators in your organisation can reset this for you. Go to Users> Users Dashboard> enter (Name) in the search bar> Click on name in orange. Click on Action> Reset TFA. You will then be able to rescan and enter the new code.

How do I add another Administrator to my Organisation?

Go to Users> Administrators> Our Organisation. You can add another contact at the bottom of the screen. Click + Add Contact.

The administrator will receive an email with their password details and a link to the platform. If they have not received the password check their bin, spam or promotions folder. If it is still not there then check the spelling of their email address.

I have lost my Administration access and I can't see the Home Button

It would appear that you have logged into your own profile. You need to make sure you are in the Administration platform. Please log-in here.

I didn’t receive an email confirmation of my Registration

Can you please check your Spam, Bin or Promotions folder as the email may have been received into those email folders. If you can’t find it just go to our website or App and enter your email and press password reset.

You will then be able log-in and see your registration and profile.

Can I move players to a different division?

You can move registered players to a different division even if they do not have the correct DOB restrictions for that specific division through the competition dashboard. Go to Competitions > Select competition > Player Grading > Select all the players that you want to move > Select Action and then change division.

What do I do if I can't see the players and teams in Match Day?

You need to ensure that the players, Managers, coaches and teams have been pushed to match day – before the draw has been published this can be done via Competitions> Team Grading and pressing Next and Publish to Match Day.

If the draw has been published then Players, Managers, Coaches and teams are automatically pushed.

How do I add Managers and Coaches to their specific team?

Go to Match Day Dashboard > Select competition > Competition Details and Managers/Coaches > Add Manager/Coaches. You can either add a new user who does not have an account in the system or an existing user.

Are there links available to embed Ladder/Draws on our organisations website?

Go to Match Day Dashboard > Select Competition > Settings Tab > Ladder/ Draw

The page has a Ladder link and a Draws link that can be added to your website or you can send it to end users.

How can I remove a published communication from the Squadi App?

Go to the Communication dashboard > Select the message you want to remove
You can either

  1. Select Edit > set up a Communication Expiry Date.
  2. Unselect the App tickbox under Communication details.
  3. Select Delete
How can I publish communications to selected users/organisations?

Go to the Communication dashboard > Select +Add Communication
Under Organisation(s) you can choose one or more affiliates that you want to send this communication to.
Under Recipients, you can choose to only send to certain roles, or certain individuals linked to your affiliate. Alternatively, you can filter recipients according to year as well.

How much does it cost a club to use Squadi?

There are no NNSWF or Squadi costs for Premier Competition clubs to use the Squadi platform.