Referee Game Day & Post-Match Requirements

You have now viewed your referee appointments on Squadi or MatchRef, and it is game day. The following are some basic requirements for each match day. It is important that all match officials follow these procedures.

Game Day Equipment Checklist

  • Uniform - Umbro Referees Shirts, Shorts and Socks (Green Shirt for First Year Referees)
  • Predominantly or all black footwear with black laces
  • Whistles, flag, watches, red and yellow cards, notebook, pens, coins, and device (for teamsheets)

Game Day Tips

  • Know the exact location of your ground in advance
  • Leave home early enough to arrive at the ground at least 45 minutes before kick-off
  • Dress appropriately when arriving at and departing from the venue
  • While officiating, phones and devices should only be used for the completion of teamsheets and reports
  • Phones are not to be taken onto the field or used whilst play is in progress under any circumstances
  • Smoking and vaping at grounds is prohibited
  • Referees must not consume alcohol while in uniform or completing match official duties

Game Day Procedure

  • Arrive at the ground at least 45 minutes before kick-off. Notify relevant personnel if you will be arriving late
  • Introduce yourself to the other match officials, club officials, players, and coaches
  • Locate the referees’ room at the ground
  • Inspect the field of play to ensure it is safe and suitable for play
  • Get changed into your referee uniform
  • If not already given to you, locate the match balls
  • Ensure that the team sheet has been filled out with all the correct information
  • Commence your pre-match discussion with the other match officials appointed
  • Check player equipment
  • Conduct the team walk-out procedure (if required) on time and commence the match on time

First Year Referees

In your first matches as a referee or assistant referee, an assessor or mentor will be appointed to your match to help you get started as a match official. The assessor or mentor will be there to meet with you prior to the game and go through any questions, issues or concerns you may have. Your assessor or mentor will provide support, coaching and feedback at half time and after the match. The main role of the appointed assessor or mentor will be to ensure your matches are enjoyable as well as providing some coaching and feedback to help you gain confidence and knowledge.

Post-Match Requirements

Once back in the dressing room, the referee must complete the team sheet for that fixture, including:

  • correct half-time score
  • correct full-time score
  • goalscorers’ player numbers and minutes of the match when the goals were scored
  • recipients and minutes of all yellow and red cards shown
  • player numbers and minutes of all substitutions (if required)
  • ticking a box if an Incident or Send-Off Report is being submitted
  • the names of the referee, assistant referees and fourth official
  • submitting the team sheet as the referee


It is also advised that all match officials take a screenshot or photo of any paper team sheet after a match involving an incident or send-off, as this will assist in having the correct details for the submission of an appropriate report.

Referees are requested to retain all of their match record cards used during the season in case the NNSWF Referee Department or Football Operations Department or other authorities directly contact them regarding previously played fixtures. This will assist in providing key information on final scores, cautions, dismissals, and important incidents.