Referee Uniform and Equipment

Arrival at and Departure from the Ground

Northern NSW Football does not expect referees at all levels of football to dress to the same standards. The following are our expectations for each different level of football.

Premier Competition Senior Referees

NPLM (First Grade and Reserve Grade), NPLW (First Grade and Reserve Grade) and HIT NL1 (First Grade and Reserve Grade)

  • NNSWF Referee Polo Shirt or White Business Shirt
  • Black or Navy Dress Pants
  • Black or Brown Dress Shoes
  • Black Referees Jacket (Optional)

Zone Football League Competition Referees

  • NNSWF Referee Polo Shirt
  • Enclosed Shoes
  • Black Referees Jacket (Optional)

Premier Youth League Competition Referees 

PYL Boys (U13, U14, U15, U16, U18) and PYL Girls (U13, U15, U17)

  • NNSWF Referee Polo Shirt
  • Black or Navy Dress Pants
  • Black or Brown Dress Shoes
  • Black Referees Jacket (Optional)

JDL Competition Referees

  • Green Shirt for First Year Referees
  • Black Umbro Referee Shirt
  • Black Umbro Referee Shorts
  • Black Referee Socks
  • Black footwear

Clothing and Equipment Regulations

  • Should a match official wish to wear gloves, they must only do so on night fixtures and only in freezing conditions. Gloves must be black.
  • Only prescription glasses may be worn by referees during matches. No other types of glasses are permitted to be worn by referees when officiating.
  • Long sleeve undergarment shirts are permitted to be worn but only if they are the same colour and a similar shade to the colour of Umbro referee shirt worn.
  • Footwear must be predominantly black or all black. Laces must be black.
  • Match officials (including fourth officials) may not wear tracksuits or long pants whilst officiating on a fixture. A referees’ black jacket or a plain black jacket may be worn in appropriate weather only by assistant referees and fourth officials.
  • Assistant referees and fourth officials must be distinguishable from all persons who are in the technical area during matches.


Referee clothing and equipment must be clean, neat, and tidy at the beginning of each day of officiating. A referee who does not look the part can easily give a poor first impression.